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To register an elevator with CECA all elevator contractors must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with the "Canadian Elevator Contractor’s Association” listed as an additionally insured party. Please upload this document for review.

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I have reviewed the proposed Standard for Private Residence Elevators (the "Standard"). The Standard provides that CECA will approve training providers (5.1(g)), issue installation permit (6.1-6.3), supply a CECA acceptance test document (7.1), and maintain a database that will document the current status of any device registered with it (7.2).

CECA's role when issuing installation permit is passive in nature. CECA will only confirm that the required documents have been submitted and completed. CECA will not check these forms for the adequacy or truthfulness of the information contained therein.

CECA's role in maintaining a database of the required documents is similarly passive in nature. CECA will include the information submitted to it in the database but will not check that the information is adequate or true.

In all circumstances, the Contractor shall be solely liable for any issue/s relating to the Standard and will hold CECA harmless, indemnify it and include it as a named insured in its comprehensive general liability policy.
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